Overview of Complete Mobile Pay (CMP)

With Complete Mobile PayTM there is no longer a need to purchase a costly wireless terminal with expensive cellular access fees. CMS merchants can accept payments anywhere, anytime, and authorize payments instantly on a smart phone or mobile tablet device (Android or iOS devices). Simply slide the card through your CMS magnetic reader, complete the sale and send an email receipt, it’s that simple.

CMP Features

  • Accept payments anywhere
  • Data and Fraud Prevention Tools
  • Generate Customizable receipts
  • Compatible with any US Bank
  • Customer Vault/tokenization
  • Simplified Integration Options
  • Secure storage of Client Payment Data
  • Recurring Payments
  • PCI Compliance



SLYCETM by Complete Merchant Solutions is a Registered ISO of Commercial Bank of California, Los Angeles, CA; and Deutsche Bank AG, New York, NY.
American Express requires separate approval.

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