Security and Compliance

In recent years, the electronic payments industry has become highly regulated, which only makes sense as it manages and transmits sensitive personal and financial data. The purpose of the imposed regulations is to protect all parties in the electronic payments chain, (i.e., cardholders, merchants, processors and banks) from breaches that can result in identity theft and fraud. CMS makes it a priority to maintain the highest level of security measures and controls to protect sensitive data and we are diligent in remaining compliant with all government and industry regulations.

We strive to assist all of our merchants to do the same. The CMS Security & Compliance Center provides you with resources to help you maintain strong security controls as well. We believe knowledge is power. Look around and learn how you can ensure a safer experience.

Card Brand Compliance

Please see the below links for the latest Visa and MasterCard rules and regulations:

Visa Operating Regulations

MasterCard Rules

Discover Merchant Operating Regulations

American Express Merchant Policies

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