Overview of SLYCE Plug-In

If you’ve ever integrated a payment solution into software, you know what a hassle the process can be. With SLYCETM Plug-in, we’ve simplified that process from several days, to less than one hour. By inputting just a few lines of code, you can have an integrated payment solution with the full functionality and feature set you need—without all the headache.

One-Time Payment

SLYCE Plug-In provides the flexibility to manually key transactions, or a swiped transaction depending on your needs. These transactions are stored within SLYCE Plug-In as truncated card numbers for potential future transactions.

Customer Vault

For repeat customers, SLYCE Plug-In gives you the ability to store all of the card data safely and securely through our Customer Vault. Customers can store multiple cards within the system, allowing for a variety of payment options for each individual transaction.

Payment Plan

For those merchants who offer in-house financing, SLYCE Plug-In can ease the pain of a manual billing process. Simply choose the specific card stored in the customer vault for the payment plan, and then build a customized payment plan for each client.

You can choose the frequency and term of the payments, specific billing dates, and even add financing costs.

Payment History and Reports

Through SLYCE Plug-In, you can view all previous transactions, refund customers with a single click, and pull comprehensive reports on all of your transactional history.

Color Customization

With several different color scheme options, SLYCE Plug-In offers the ability to customize its appearance based on your color preferences. This way, SLYCE Plug-In can maintain the aesthetics and fluidity of your software.

SLYCE Plug-In Documentation

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